On Saturday 24/11/2018 we have organised for you an encounter with historical figures, during which you can join a military procession through Brno, in Biskupský dvůr (Bishop’s Court) experience a performance by the Exulis theatre group about the arrival of French soldiers in Brno, listen to music from those times and taste period specialities. Biskupský dvůr will also be enlivened by a big screen projection that will give you an impression of what Brno looked like in 1805.

Change of programme is reserved.

17:00 Opening of the event

Welcoming of visitors to Moravské náměstí. 


 To be able to choose the best of the event, you will learn everything about the evening programme.

17:10 - 17:50 Historical Military Procession with Napoleon

The historical procession will set out from the park at Moravské náměstí, go through the city centre and will finish up at Biskupský dvůr. 


The route will lead from Moravské náměstí along Joštova, Česká and Solniční streets, Moravské náměstí, Rašínova street, náměstí Svobody, Zamečnická and Dominikanská streets, then via Šilingrovo náměstí back to Biskupská, Dominikanská, Panská and Radnická streets through Zelný trh to Biskupský dvůr.


17:50 Symbolic handover of keys to the city

Brno’s councillors will meet at Biskupský dvůr with Emperor Napoleon and hand over the symbolic key to the city.

18:00 Address by Emperor Napoleon

Emperor Napoleon will greet the people of Brno from the balcony of Biskupský dvůr.


18:10 Videomapping - large screen

Biskupský dvůr will be brought to life by composed projections prepared specifically for this event. 


We will show you in an attractive form Biskupský dvůr and Brno in various situations and historical contexts. 

18:20 - 18:40 Performance of "Brno 1805 - Encounter with Fate"

The Exulis History on the Move Theatre will present an interactive theatrical-sword fighting scene from the period when Brno found itself in a difficult situation linked to the arrival of French forces on the eve of the Battle of Austerlitz in 1805. 


How did the ordinary people of Brno manage in the midst of these martial events, which were to change the face of Europe? You can experience this for yourself in the premises of Biskupský dvůr.

18:40 - 18:55 Performance of Drummers

The Bishop’s Court will resound to a performance of drummers, presented by the Spolek válečného hlomozu BANDA ALLEGRA (which might loosely translate as ‘Association for War Noises’) in the uniforms of a battery of drummers from the 18th regiment. 


Every year the Banda Allegra (the battery of drummers of the 18th regiment) accompanies the historic procession though the centre of Brno for the event Napoleon in Brno. They mainly play marches, signals and songs from the 16th to 19th centuries. 

18:55 - 19:15 Performance of "Brno 1805 - Rivals"
19:30 - 20:00 Prayer for the Victims of War

There will be a service of remembrance at the monument to the victims of the Napoleonic Wars and other conflicts in the Cathedral of St. Peter and Paul.


After the service you will have an opportunity to climb the cathedral tower and see Brno in the evening. 

19:30 - 20:00 Video projection "Campaign 1805" + videomapping repeat

In the grounds of Biskupský dvůr we will be projecting a short documentary about Napoleon’s 1805 European campaign. 


This documentary describes the route of Napoleon’s Grande Armée from the shores of the English Channel to the Battle of Austerlitz.  



19:30 - 20:30 Night Brno from the Sts. Peter and Paul
20:00 Closing of the event

Additional information about the programme

The event is held in a cold part of the year – wear warm clothing and do not forget to bring comfortable shoes if you join the short walk through the centre with the historical parade.:) Feel free to capture the event on your camera or mobile phone. Warm drinks (mulled wine, tea) and various delicacies will be sold. The historical parade will include horses which have undergone special training, have taken part in many combat re-enactments and are not easily scared. We would still like to ask you to be careful and observe the instructions of the security service. On part of the route, the parade will proceed on normal roads where officers of the Municipal Police, State Police and the Brno City Public Transport Company will help us with organisation – please observe their instructions to help us make the event a success.

Map of the NAPOLEON IN BRNO historic event

Look at the map of the event and go to each highlighted point. You will learn what takes place at the chosen spot and when.